27 Manchester State Representatives Endorse Mayor Joyce Craig in Run for Re-Election

MANCHESTER, NH– Today, 27 State Representatives from Manchester published a letter endorsing Mayor Joyce Craig in her bid for re-election. The representatives cite her advocacy for the people of Manchester, and the work she’s done to continue making the city they represent stronger. The letter details the positive impact Mayor Craig has made on Manchester’s schools, her work strengthening the Queen City’s economy, and the progress made in her first term combating the opioid epidemic.

Letter from Manchester State Representatives Endorsing Mayor Craig:

As legislators representing Manchester, we know how important it is to have a partner in City Hall to work with us to build a stronger city. Joyce Craig has been a steadfast ally in our efforts, actively communicating the City’s priorities, advocating on behalf of our residents and businesses, and always willing to take a collaborative approach in addressing the challenges we face. As Manchester State Representatives, we are proud to endorse Mayor Joyce Craig for re-election. 

In less than two years in office, Joyce Craig has made progress on the priorities that matter to our residents – strengthening public education, growing our economy, improving public safety, and combating the opioid epidemic. On each of these challenges, she has fully engaged our community, reached out to stakeholders, listened and responded to concerns, and openly communicated with us to better inform the decisions we are entrusted to make. 

Joyce is a fierce advocate for Manchester at the State House. She’s been a champion for public education, fighting for Manchester’s fair share of state funding for our schools and pushing back on attempts to send public taxpayer dollars to private schools. Joyce has supported efforts to grow our economy, backing tax incentives to bring more businesses to Manchester and testifying in support of bringing rail and all the economic benefits it offers to our city. And she has fought for more state resources to combat the opioid crisis and reduce homelessness. 

In addition to the critical policies she’s fought for at the State House, the collaborative approach Joyce has taken allows for better communication between the city and the state. She has convened meetings with city department heads and the State House delegation to open up a dialogue that hasn’t existed in years. Joyce is always accessible to us when we have questions about the impact of legislation on Manchester, and always willing to work across party lines to ensure Manchester’s voice is heard.

The decisions made in Concord can have lasting impacts on Manchester and as legislators, we take our responsibility to make the best informed decisions for our community seriously. We truly believe our decision to endorse Mayor Joyce Craig for re-election is in the best interests of our residents, families, businesses, and community. Under Mayor Craig’s leadership, Manchester has made significant progress in the last two years, but we have more work to do. We ask you to join us in supporting Joyce Craig so that we can continue to work together to build a stronger Manchester.

  • Rep. Diane Langley, Hillsborough 8
  • Rep. Israel Piedra, Hillsborough 9
  • Rep. Linda DiSilvestro, Hillsborough 9
  • Rep. Pat Long, Hillsborough 10
  • Rep. Jean Jeudy, Hillsborough 10
  • Rep. Nicole Klein, Hillsborough 11
  • Rep. Don Bouchard, Hillsborough 11
  • Rep. Amanda Bouldin, Hillsborough 12
  • Rep. Andrew Bouldin, Hillsborough 12
  • Rep. Kathy Desjardins, Hillsborough 13
  • Rep. Mary Heath, Hillsborough 14
  • Rep. Mary Freitas, Hillsborough 14
  • Rep. Erika Connors, Hillsborough 15
  • Rep. Josh Query, Hillsborough
  • Rep. Tim Smith Hillsborough 17
  • Rep. Heidi Hamer Hillsborough 17
  • Rep. Patty Cornell Hillsborough 18
  • Rep. Willis Griffith Hillsborough 19
  • Rep. Bob Backus Hillsborough 19
  • Rep. Ken Snow Hillsborough 19
  • Rep. Matt Wilhelm Hillsborough 42
  • Rep. Jackie Chretien Hillsborough 42
  • Rep. Chris Herbert Hillsborough 43
  • Rep. Richard Komi Hillsborough 43
  • Rep. Ben Baroody Hillsborough 43
  • Rep. Connie Van Houten Hillsborough 45
  • Rep. Jane Beaulieu Hillsborough 45

Joyce Craig for Manchester
P.O. Box 3893
Manchester, NH 03105