Entire Manchester Democratic State Representative Delegation Endorses Mayor Joyce Craig for Re-election

All 27 of Manchester’s Democratic State Representatives join Senator’s D’Allesandro, Soucy, and Cavanaugh in endorsing Mayor Joyce Craig’s reelection campaign.

MANCHESTER, NH — Today, all 27 of Manchester’s Democratic State Representatives including State Representative Matthew Wilhelm, Senior Assistant Democratic Leader, endorsed Mayor Joyce Craig’s reelection campaign. These 27 State Representatives join Manchester’s three State Senators, Senate Minority Leader Donna Soucy, Senator Lou D’Allesandro, and Senator Kevin Cavanaugh supporting Mayor Craig for a third term. 

Mayor Joyce Criag released the following statement: 

“Thank you to Manchester’s entire Democratic State Representative delegation for your endorsement and steadfast commitment to the Queen City. Together, we delivered and enacted meaningful policies such as funding Manchester’s schools and community improvement initiatives, directly improving Manchester’s quality of life. Specifically, when it comes to bringing rail to Manchester, there is a tremendous amount of work ahead and I am confident together we can get it done. I look forward to working with this coalition to support our city.”

“I am honored to join my Manchester State House colleagues in endorsing Mayor Joyce Craig’s re-election campaign,” said Rep. Matthew Wilhelm, Senior Assistant Democratic Leader. “Mayor Craig is a consistent presence in Concord, advocating for public education and commuter rail funding for Manchester. Mayor Craig is not afraid to work with both Democratic and Republican members of the State House to ensure the State is supporting her work to move Manchester forward.” 

Complete List of State Representative Endorsers: 

Rep. Jeff Goley, Hillsborough 8

Rep. Diane Langley, Hillsborough 8

Rep. Linda DiSilvestro, Hillsborough 9

Rep. Israel Piedra, Hillsborough 9

Rep. Jean Jeudy, Hillsborough 10

Rep. Pat Long, Hillsborough 10

Rep. Don Bouchard, Hillsborough 11

Rep. Nicole Klein-Knight, Hillsborough 11

Rep. Amanda Bouldin, Hillsborough 12

Rep. Andrew Bouldin, Hillsborough 12

Rep. Mary Heath, Hillsborough 14

Rep. Mary Freitas, Hillsborough 14

Rep. Erika Connors, Hillsborough 15

Rep. Josh Query, Hillsborough 16

Rep. Barbara Shaw, Hillsborough 16

Rep. Heidi Hamer, Hillsborough 17

Rep. Tim Smith, Hillsborough 17

Rep. Patricia Cornell, Hillsborough 18

Rep. Willis Griffith, Hillsborough 18

Rep. Ken Snow, Hillsborough 19

Rep. Matthew Wilhelm, Hillsborough 42

Rep. Jacqueline Chretien, Hillsborough 42

Rep. Amy Bradley, Hillsborough 43

Rep. Ben Baroody, Hillsborough 43

Rep. Chris Hebert, Hillsborough 43

Rep. Jane Beaulieu, Hillsborough 45

Rep. Connie Van Houten, Hillsborough 45

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