Letter: Issues Manchester faces are why we need Craig

To the Editor: I moved to Manchester in 2018 from northern Coos County where little has changed in centuries of habitation. I came to the city in hopes of finding greater opportunities for an old retired man and his bride. We wanted museums, theaters, restaurants and sidewalks to stroll on. We found all of that here in your wonderful city.

Imagine how amazed we were to see city workers keeping our streets clean, our police on visible patrol, firemen on calls and sidewalks alive with people. Yes, it is not without its flaws, homelessness, crime and affordable housing are all issues here.

However, Mayor Joyce Craig has worked to help find and implement solutions and I for one appreciate that. I am writing to urge you to support her reelection as mayor of Manchester. I do so in the belief that under her leadership this city has evolved from a former industrial giant into a city searching for a 21st century identity. Now, with $44 million in federal funding to help the transformation, I sense her vision will be amazing and each day I will see the signs of more shine on the once-faded facade of the Queen City.


Elm Street, Manchester

Joyce Craig for Manchester
P.O. Box 3893
Manchester, NH 03105