Mayor Gatsas remains silent, chooses not to respond to Joyce Craig’s debate challenge

Manchester, N.H. — On September 29, Manchester mayoral candidate Joyce Craig challenged Mayor Gatsas to a series of debates and forums to discuss the issues most affecting Manchester residents. Despite reaching out to Mayor Gatsas’ campaign and releasing a public statement, the challenge has gone unanswered.

“I believe discussing our stark differences will help the residents of Manchester decide who will best represent them in the mayor’s office,” said Joyce Craig. “The silence from Mayor Gatsas regarding this challenge is disappointing.”

Craig proposed Mayor Gatsas join her in attending three forums this fall at Central, Memorial and West High Schools where Manchester residents can ask both mayoral candidates about their vision for the city. In addition, she challenged him to four moderated debates to be hosted by WMUR, NHPR, Jack Heath, and the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. Joyce Craig’s campaign contacted Mayor Gatsas through his campaign website and have not received a response as of Wednesday afternoon.

“I have a proven record of making responsible decisions for Manchester. As an Alderman, I wrote three balanced budgets that invested in schools, put more police on the street, and improved roads while still holding the line on property taxes,” added Joyce Craig. “Mayor Gatsas may pause when it comes to facing his constituents, but I will always be available to the people of Manchester.”


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