Mayor Joyce Craig Endorsed by Former Chair of Manchester Republican Party

Victor Goulet praises Mayor’s leadership

MANCHESTER, NH — Today, Mayor Joyce Craig announced the endorsement of former Chair of the Manchester Republican Party and Concerned Taxpayers of Manchester, Victor Goulet. The longtime Republican activist praised Mayor Craig’s leadership over her two terms.

“Mayor Joyce Craig demonstrates collaborative and non-partisan leadership that has served Manchester well over the last four years,” said former Manchester Republican Party and Concerned Taxpayers of Manchester Chair Victor Goulet. “She led Manchester throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping residents safe, students supported, and businesses open. Her immediate actions developing guidelines, addressing questions, and providing free testing and vaccinations ensured the health and safety of our community. And throughout it all, she practiced sound fiscal management, getting through the pandemic with a $2.3 million city surplus.”

Victor is a longtime Republican and conservative activist from Manchester. He served as Chairman of the Manchester Republican party, and Chair of the Concerned Taxpayers of Manchester. In 2008, he served as the Manchester Chair of Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign.

“Through the American Rescue Plan, Joyce is implementing evidence-based programs that will allow Manchester to continue to prevent violent crime, support small business, increase affordable housing, assist seniors and more. She has worked with the Police Department to reduce crime for the 5th year in a row, and brings together residents, non-profits, and business leaders to tackle issues like homelessness in Manchester,” added Goulet. “Mayor Craig is the best person to lead our City, and I am proud to support her for re-election.”

“I’m grateful to have the support of Victor Goulet,” said Mayor Joyce Craig. “Victor is a well-respected and thoughtful leader, and I appreciate his commitment to public service. We both have a shared love for our city and care deeply about its future. As Mayor, I have a proven track record of working across the aisle to make positive change — from making historic investments in infrastructure, passing the $43 million in American Rescue Plan funding, establishing a Housing Commission, and more.”

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