As Mayor, Joyce will fight to deliver the change we need to build a
stronger Manchester:

  • Grow our economy through innovative partnerships that bring new jobs and opportunities
  • Improve our public schools to attract and keep families and businesses
  • Make smarter decisions that reflect our priorities to protect your hard-earned tax dollars, and respect the tax cap
  • Make our neighborhoods safer by combating the substance use disorder crisis and addressing crime

Vote Tuesday, November 7th

Emphasizing Education and Preparing our Students for the Future
Strong schools are critical for a thriving community and a growing economy. A good school district helps to attract and retain businesses and residents, drives economic development, provides opportunities for our children, and helps prevent crime and delinquency. There has never been a more pivotal moment to impact the direction of Manchester’s public schools than right now. Read More…

Economic Growth and Opportunities
Manchester has incredible opportunities. We need a vision for short and long-term improvements that develop a sense of community and promote economic development throughout our city. Manchester should be a place where people want to live, work, and raise a family. Creating spaces for people to come together is important and we should expand upon community led projects, such as Manchester Connects, to revitalize our public spaces and make our city an inviting place for businesses and residents. We need a Mayor that will create a climate that encourages businesses and entrepreneurs, and spurs growth to expand our commercial tax base. Read More…

City Management and Fiscal Responsibility
Manchester is stronger when we work together to accomplish our goals. Effective city management, smart fiscal planning and implementation are crucial to protecting our hard-earned tax-dollars and building a stronger Manchester. Our community should come together around shared values to accomplish an agenda that makes Manchester a better place to live, work, start a business and raise a family. Read More…

Safe Streets, Opioid Crisis and Recovery Services
The mayor’s first priority must be the safety of every resident. Manchester continues to struggle with an opioid crisis and related crime and we need to tackle this problem as a community. I’ll bring key stakeholders together – public safety, treatment providers, peer-recovery supports, hospitals, and non-profits to make sure we’re doing everything we can to end this crisis. I’ll lead a comprehensive approach that includes early education, continued prevention, peer recovery support, and strong enforcement to solve this problem. Read More…

Transparency in City Government

Manchester needs to make city government more transparent and accessible to residents. Currently, candidates for municipal office can raise unlimited funds from any source. I want to end the era of Manchester politics where who you know and how much money you have determines your access to City Hall. As your mayor, I will represent every resident in our city — not special interests — and make city government more accessible to everyone, and set measures of accountability to ensure we aren’t sweeping problems aside. Read More…

Joyce Craig for Manchester
P.O. Box 3893
Manchester, NH 03105