City Management and Fiscal Responsibility

Manchester needs smarter management of city departments to protect taxpayers. Our city has lost tens of millions of dollars in revenue under Mayor Gatsas. Surrounding towns left our school district resulting in the loss of $15 million in revenue, the Mayor killed the solar array project which would have created tax revenue and saved the city energy costs, and the city’s bond rating was downgraded. This demonstrates poor fiscal management that Manchester taxpayers cannot afford.

Manchester is stronger when we work together to accomplish our goals. Effective city management, smart fiscal planning and implementation are crucial to protecting our hard-earned tax-dollars and building a stronger Manchester. Our community should come together around shared values to accomplish an agenda that makes Manchester a better place to live, work, start a business and raise a family.

As Mayor, I will:

  • Present a budget to the Board of Mayor and Alderman that respects the tax cap
  • Set citywide goals to improve education, public safety, and grow our economy
  • Develop a long-term infrastructure improvement plan to prioritize infrastructure projects
  • Evaluate the processes for selling city property, amending zoning ordinances, and approving developments to protect homeowners and neighborhoods from outside interests
  • Issue a request for proposal (RFP) for renewable energy options such as solar and wind to decrease city energy costs and increase revenue
  • Create a tax assessment relief for solar installations on residential, commercial, and industrial properties to encourage clean energy development by property owners and allows them to save on energy costs
  • Regularly visit businesses across Manchester to promote job growth and economic development and assess needs from City Hall
  • Establish a regular meeting with all department heads to monitor progress on goals and stay ahead of problems
  • Improve communication between the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and the School Board to produce better outcomes for our students
  • Hold regular meetings with Manchester’s state legislators to discuss city priorities and legislation and advocate for state resources in Concord that will help us build a stronger Manchester
  • Improve senior services to ensure seniors have access to and understanding of available city benefits including the senior property tax exemptions

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Joyce Craig for Manchester
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