Transparency in City Government

Manchester needs to make city government more transparent and accessible to residents. Currently, candidates for municipal office can raise unlimited funds from any source. I want to end the era of Manchester politics where who you know and how much money you have determines your access to City Hall. As your mayor, I will represent every resident in our city — not special interests — and make city government more accessible to everyone, and set measures of accountability to ensure we aren’t sweeping problems aside.

As Mayor, I will:

  • Propose citywide campaign finance reform to end unlimited contributions to candidates and stop the pay-to- play culture at City Hall
  • Encourage and recommend diverse and experienced candidates to appointments on city boards
  • Hold regular office hours at schools, businesses, retirement communities, and community centers across Manchester to make City Hall more accessible to all residents
  • Propose adding open dialogue to public comment at Board of Mayor and Alderman meetings once a month
  • Provide executive summaries and full contracts for public review in a central location on city website for public review prior to final approval
  • Proactively engage the community with outreach efforts to increase awareness of available city services such as graffiti removal, senior tax exemptions, and economic development opportunities
  • Set accountability measures to track and report progress on stated goals to improve education, public safety, and grow our economy

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Joyce Craig for Manchester
P.O. Box 3893
Manchester, NH 03105